WHITE HOUSE at cyanide springs


WHITE HOUSE at Cyanide Springs


The WHITE HOUSE at Cyanide Springs in Chloride, Arizona is an anchor attraction for the living ghost town nestled in the Cerbat Foothills.

This circa 1940s former miner's cabin, was once owned by successful Chloride miner, Jim Fritz whose main house is used as a Chloride historical museum and is located in the middle of Cyanide Springs, Chloride's mock western town in the center of the former, real mining camp. 

Recently refurbished and renamed The WHITE HOUSE at Cyanide Springs, this two-room cabin has been transformed into a specialty, multi-purpose attraction.  

The WHITE HOUSE features a 'micro-event space' in the front room.  Depending on the day of the week and the season, the micro-event space features international art and photo installations.

The second room in the WHITE HOUSE has become a huge hit with GHOST EXPEDITIONS participants - most of whom have experienced the paranormal in one form or another - thanks to the resident earthbound entity of a Chloride miner of an era long gone.

The WHITE HOUSE at Cyanide Springs is open most days 10a - 2p and offers Private Showings by appointment by calling the CHLORIDE Tour Company at 928.255.5589.


Alone in a Haunted Miner's Cabin - You and up to five of your friends can enjoy  an exclusive, private dinner, completely  catered and creatively tailored to your intimate, special occasion.

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