Psychic services by Chloride's Kati Crowder

METAPHYSICAL INSIGHT for Accurate Psychic Readings and a BETTER LIFE


Take advantage of  experiencing a face-to-face session with Chloride's intuitive life coach, Kati Crowder.  

Kati is well-seasoned in matters of assisting others in 

  • reaching a deeper understanding regarding their life paths 
  • taking superior control of their life situations
  • achieving their desired goals

Choose the type of reading you seek

  • Psychic / Intuitive
  • Psychic Readings with Cards
  • Clairvoyant Readings with Palm

And the length of time that suits you best

   * 15 minutes
   * 30 minutes
   * 45 minutes
   * 60 minutes

Kati is a dedicated resident of historic Chloride, Arizona  

President of the Chloride Historical Society 

Member of the Chloride Chamber of Commerce

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