Chloride Tour Company presents the Chloride Living History Tour


Miners, Desperadoes and Ladies of the Evening once ruled the day in Chloride. Real places & stories.

Chloride's Living History Tour takes you back to the days when this Cerbat Mountain range area was under Hualapai Indian rule.  Learn about the humble yet violent beginnings of Chloride starting when the first profit-seeking mining scouts arrived in the early 1860s. 

As you are guided on a walking tour through Chloride, over  150 years of historical tidbits and a wide spectrum of stories spring to life ... from those about the longest-continuously operating church in Arizona, to the stone cribs where mining men and American frontier outlaws found pleasure amidst the harsh surroundings of the Cerbat foothills. 

Arizona's oldest mining camp pre-dates statehood yet grew and prospered and achieved the honor of becoming the Mohave County Seat.  At it's peak, over 70 mines made Chloride  a land of "Angels with dirty faces" as referred to by the 1930s Chloride Justice of the Peace.  But before the end of WWII, the end of Chloride's living large days were in clear view.

And throughout your trip through time and in-between stories of glory and historical significance, Chloride's darker stories of fights with fists, knives and guns and the desecration of what is believed to be an original Indian Burial Ground in the heart of town, as well as a few ghost legends, make CHLORIDE'S LIVING HISTORY TOUR a must-experience event.

Also Experience a Private VIP Dinner in a Circa 1940s Miner's Cabin - And it's haunted, too!

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